[drone]DJI f550 return video + collapsible gps support

Today small improvement on the f550

I begin by him added a video return.

An Eachine 5802 S screen, and a mini aomway 5.8 GHz switchable 25-200mW transmitter (ordered on banggood).

It took so installed the transmitter on the drone. For this I realized a socket a JST Doubler in Y to power transmitter and the nacelle. It is necessary also recovered the video signal that comes out of the carrycot. I used some old piece of electronics that I connected to the video output of the gondola cable.



I then set the transmitter to the chassis through a small cube in 3D and cirflex so that it fits well.


Finally I had also ordered a collapsible gps support, because the fixed being awkward for the transport. After much washing the foot screw thread

GPS it works very well.



[Vellman K8200] Introducing the printer

3D printer that I use to print all my pieces is a Vellman K8200.

I will change a few places:


  • Adding a mirror on the griddle (allows parts do not come off pending printing)
  • Addition of a small conne to direct the flow of air from the fan (to avoid that the deposited son flows)
  • Change of the place of the vertical axis, z system. (prevents the screw shifts and the easier settings)


The software used to control the printer is a repetier.

Finally the wires that I use are the following:


colors red, blue, white, green and yellow.

Finally I find that this printer is fine to start. To improve quality should be

one can tinker but good it is in the idea because he must not forget that the basis is a kit.


[drone] DJI F550 on removing the foot

On removing the foot on DJI f550

I first started by designer a piece of to put it at the end of the foot of the drone and therefore add height so that the basket no longer touch the ground.

exhibit on removing: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1589981


I then printed the piece still with 3D printer that gives the result before.

I then had Bloodhound the holes has inside because I did it may one small (thing that is correct on the thingiverse model it must just be press).

After filing of the Interior of the room and a bit of the foot, the four piece fit and allow on raise the drone.

IMG_20160526_113216 IMG_20160526_103339

The final rendering is visible on the photos above.

It is also possible to put screws in the foot where it fits well (if the foot are worn out or simply too lime).

The screws just drill a hole on one side of the coin the size of a screw and a smaller in the foot of the drone.

drone dji F550 + naza mV2 + feiyu mini 3Dpro

[drone] DJI F550 + Feiyu Mini 3D pro

attaching bassinet mini Feiyu 3D pro on a drone DJI f550.

To begin I have designer a room in 3D using 123 design.


then I print the room using a 3D printer, and I have fix the upper plate of the nacelle with screws that I put in the holes (before drilling required).

I have after to insert the small end rubber of the carrycot in the plate attached to the bracket.


Here is the rendering of the nacelle mounted on the piece with a hero 3.

to attach the block to the drone I use Scotch 3 m VH (the one provided with the naza).

I then drill holes to the inside of the part print 3D to spend of the circlex connect them below an additional plate added to the drone.

IMG_20160525_155419 IMG_20160525_155447

Set the plate to the drone I used for cirflex by pass inside the chassis of the drone and pressing the plate on a small red cube (also printed in 3D) and on the foot of the drone (foot fixed dji). Red cubes are there to do not bend the plate, the model is available in the thingiverse link at the top.

The whole gives a solid result and the carrycot may not fall but it makes it a bit too high, it hits the ground when it is in operation. See article on the on the foot to correct removing her.

Drone Dji f550 + naza m v2